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The film records the culmination of the festive events of the Patras Carnival of 1963.

It begins with a general shot of the crowd at the port. Crowds gathered in the corner of Agios Nikolaos and Corinth streets waiting for the parade, under the arches of the building. Zoom-in and close-up on the sign of Agios Nikolaos street.

The first chariot is the forerunner of Carnival, on a snail, followed by King Carnival dressed as Maharaja followed by the Queen's butterfly flower chariot. The camera is located on the balcony of the first floor of a building.

Many of the next chariots comment on the actuality: in the Modern Times chariot, a group of women are sitting at the table, while behind them, men in aprons are doing housework. A chariot called Patras' Issues, with a woman symbolizing the city and an apartment building model, comments on urban issues. There are also the traditional themes of Carnival, such as the drunkard intubated with barrels, stilt walkers and jesters.

This is followed by the Astronaut and Drunkonaut chariot (the titles refer to publications of the time) with an alien clinking the glass with an astronaut and a chariot with Cleopatra, which refers to the monumental Hollywood production that was being shot at the time.

At the end of the parade we watch the chariots with the chocolate throwers handing out chocolates to the crowd. In the last night-shots we see the closing of the events with the burning of King Carnival, with fires and fireworks illuminating the sky of the city.



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Athanasoglou Nikolaos

HD (1440x1080)



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