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We are on the beach "Agia Marina", in the southern part of Aegina, an island in the Saronic Gulf, in central Greece.

At first, we see shots with the swimmers as they dive from the rocks into the sea. Two young men enjoy a canoe, while an older one swims with a pool air mat. Then the camera shows us the beach, which is crowded with people. An older couple chat as they look at the sea while a young man dives from the rocks into the water.

Afterwards, we are taken to the tavern above the beach, where two young women sit at one of the tables. We watch a few more shots with the swimmers. The two young girls gaze at the beach, while a couple prepares to dive into the sea. Then we see a group of friends who sit on the rocks, enjoying the sun and two men having fun canoeing.

There is also a photographer in the tavern and then, our camera shows the group of filmmaker talking, sitting at one of the tables in the store. In the background the tourist boats approach the beach. Three canoes meet in the sea, while the filmmaker's company starts eating and drinking.

Next follows is a shot with a moored boat full of people diving in the water. Finally, the boat departs towing a smaller boat behind it.


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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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