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Another year of Patras Carnival. We are at its peak, on Sunday, February 17, 1980.

The year was a turning point for the Carnival. The game of "Hidden Treasure hunt” with its crews and floats is integrated for the first time at the Sunday’s grand parade, pantomime is established as an act and the floats reach the record number of 180!

The film starts with views of the port of Patras, with a boat that is coming towards the lens and a couple who are sunbathing on a bench at the pier.

Lots of people are on the big town Square of Trion Symmachon and on Agiou Nikolaou Street that it is up ahead.

And now we have views from the heart of the Carnival. Georgios the 1st Square. People are crowded in the surrounding balconies and countless crowds around the square, mostly young people, who wait for the carnival to begin. Footage of carnival people who participate in "Hidden Treasure Hunt" games, jumping various obstacles. Footage of various impressive floats that are also waiting to start their march, along with many carnival people in colorful costumes.

A small car with a boat’s sail on the hood is pulled with ropes by a dozen people. Another has the writing “LITOTITA (austerity) EOT 2,500,000". Zoom in view to a little girl in the stroller who is sound asleep. A cobbler paints the shoes of someone who is sitting royally in a chair in the middle of the square. Some climb on structural support columns to get a better view as small floats with various themes are passing in front of them. And last but not least, the impressive Brazilian community.



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Tritakis Vasilis

HD (1440x1080)



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Super 8mm