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We are in the temple of Aphaia (or Aphaea) in Aegina, one of the Islands in the Saronic Gulf of Greece .

The temple, built around 500 - 490 BC, and was dedicated to Aphaea, probably a goddess of Cretan origin.

The temple is of Doric order and was made of poros stone that existed on the island, while for its pediments marble of Parian origin was used and they are decorated with themes inspired by the Trojan War. The statues of the pediments are dominated by the figure of the goddess Athena, with whom the temple was later associated.

First we see the temple of Aphaia and then the camera approaches it. The next shot shows us the posted announcement of the opening hours of the archeological site. The filmmaker was on site while it was closed and therefore could not visit it. Then we watch another shot from the temple, this time from a different angle.

Afterwards, we see a panoramic shot that shows us the landscape from the temple and we can see the small settlement of Agia Marina and the sea in the background. The filmmaker shows us two parked cars, belonging to him and his group of friends, as they are ready to leave.

Lastly, a tourist shop, which sells knitted bags and straw hats, exhibits its products on the trees, in the courtyard of the temple.


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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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