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“Summer 1965” is written on the sand and the wave takes it away with it.

We are on the coast of Tzelepi (gate 8) of Piraeus port where the travellers say goodbye to their loved ones, the porters carry the luggage, a hasty human beehive, the daily life of the port.

The lens stands at the Typaldos building and then wanders on the ship "Heraklion" (interests of Typaldos brothers), whose name was to be associated with one of the greatest naval tragedies that shook Greece on December 8, 1966; the "Falkonera Shipwreck". However, the filmmaker films in 1965 and the ship has been promoted as one of the fastest and safest ships that has ever crossed the Greek seas.

We watch some works that are made on the ship, different views as it stands tied to the pier, the Blue and White Greek flag that waves on its stern. The lens continues its wandering inside the ship where the sailors pick up the anchor and the visitors say goodbye to Piraeus.

"Heraklion" leaves the pier and the filmmaker follows for a while the wastewater of the tug boat "Armadores" and then the dense smoke from the ship's funnel. The film closes with the sun that as it sets, trying to tuch the waves of the sea.

The ship was built as SS Leicestershire in Glasgow in 1949 as a tanker on behalf of an English company and in 1964 was sold to the Aegean Steam Navigation Co to operate under their Typaldos Lines. In 1965 it was comissioned on the ferry lines of Crete after it was refitted as a passenger/car ferry, hence the stability of the ship was affected. On December 8, 1966, it sailed from Souda bay and sank near the small rocky island of Falkonera, killing at least 248 people, although the actual number of victims remains unknown until today. The ships that rushed to the rescue picked up only 47 survivors and 25 bodies.

After the Falconera tragedy, it was established that the ban of sailing will be decided according to the current weather conditions and not at the discretion of the captain.


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Chatzidakis Georgios

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