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"God created the world in seven days, the eighth he devoted it to Rio" says a quote. Rio de Janeiro or just Rio, is a city in southeastern Brazil and the capital of the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Rio Carnival. The mother of all carnivals. The annual Rio Carnival lasts four days, with highlight being the parade of samba schools and floats in front of municipal authorities and committees. This parade lasts until dawn.

The poster of the carnival at the beginning of the film prepares us for what is coming next. The time is 2:05 am probably.

We watch from a privileged balcony as the float of one of the most famous samba schools of the Carnival named Portela is passing by. Its theme is the Brazilian woman, known as ”Mulher a Brasileira". The trademark of the school, an eagle with open wings, dominates the large float, while Brazilians dance in front of it. Dancers in white costumes and school banners are following. We see dancers from other clubs walking down the aisle.

A couple of dancers dances to the rhythm of samba and makes figures that even acrobats would be jealous of them. We see another float of an old club. Eneida is its name.

The time is 3:10 am. We see an ambulance that is passing by and its siren is on. Very impressive and different floats pass under the balcony as well as colorful dancers with frantic dances.




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Vernicos A. Nicolas

HD (1440x1080)



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Super 8mm