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We are in Korydallos, a municipality of Athens metropolitan area. The film starts with a man coming back from work, on his motorbike, riding on the dirt road – at the time- called Paparigopoulou street. He is in front of number 20-22 (currently called Syrou street) and is moving towards his one-story house which is located nearby.

The cameraman focuses on the terraced roof of the house, on a woman who is walking, peeling an apple with a knife and right after that, the man we saw previously, walking with a young man at the yard of the house. A young lady is climbing the stairs, from the garden to the terraced roof, smiling.

A panoramic shot of the area follows, filmed from the terraced roof, on which we can see a contemporary truck, the “Ascension” cemetery with its chapel, and behind it the slopes of the mountain “Aegaleo”.

The camera is still on the terraced roof and focuses on a young man who, after that, is playing a table football game with the young woman. The camera man is focusing for a while on their game, and then he is recording the man who is nearby, smoking and relaxing on the roof. From the roof, we can see one more panoramic shot, starting from the cemetery and ending with the “Ascension” chapel.

The film ends with the recording of the young woman who is approaching the camera, talking and smiling, as well as the recording of the man and the young man, walking in front of the camera with the man waving to the cameraman and the young man eating the peeled apple.


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Bardis Nikolaos




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The film focuses on my family at that time. The man with the motorbike is Spyros, my father and the woman, who is walking, peeling the apple, is Antonia, my mother. The young man, who is eating… the apple, is Giannis, my brother and the young woman is Popi, my first cousin. The young man who is playing the table football game with my cousin, is Christophoros Kotselis, my neighbour and classmate from primary school.

The house we refer to, was a beautiful, detached house, which, along with the beautiful garden, was my “home”, the creative nest of my family. Most of the shots and frames of the footage are filmed from the terraced roof of this house, which was also a place for games. It was even used an open-air bedroom for the hot summer nights. This is where I played… I studied… I grew up!!!
Bardis Nikolaos