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Nikolaos Charchalis (his real name was Nikolaos Charchalakis) (1884-1974) was born in Charchaliana Kissamos of the Chania prefecture, an area with a great musical tradition, which had produced many great musicians. He was one of the greatest solo violinists of Crete with a very important contribution to the musical tradition of the island.

The film opens with Nikolaos Charchalis, with the filmmaker following him as he walks. At the same time we hear his voice saying "Now I will play a song that I used to play in Chania in 1902" and then we hear his music. We see him going down a rough road and then exiting a shop with his violin in his arms. The camera captures him greeting a man smiling and finally we see a framed photo of him.

The view changes with shots from the traditional coffee house and actual house of Stylianos Tapeinakis in Potamida of Kissamos, with Nikolaos Charchalis sitting there, while there are also a lot of people around greeting him. The lens captures him playing music while Stylianos Tapeinakis accompanies him with his lute. Sometimes, the lens shows us his foot with which he keeps the rhythm and other times it focuses on his fingers and the elaborate way of playing. We see him drinking a glass of wine and eating and then returning back to his violin.

The film closes with Nikolaos Charchalis who seems to be smiling and talking to the filmmaker.

The filming and recording were carried out by the doctor Georgios Hatzidakis in August 1971.



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Chatzidakis Georgios




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