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We are in Topolia, a village and seat of the homonymous community of the municipality of Kissamos in the regional unit of Chania, Crete. They are 46.5 km away from Chania and are built at an altitude of 280 m.

The film opens with a panoramic view of the village. We see the slope of the valley of the Typhlos river and the mountain volumes that form the Topolian gorge. A group of friends is sitting in the nature while greeting an old man. They talk while a cow is grazing in front of them and then they collect, clean and eat fruit with the lens standing on the old man.

The view changes with shots from the Typhlos River, then through the village and the company as they talk to the locals. We see a visit to the church of St. Raphael with a woman from the group ringing the bell tower and views of the mountains. The group visits the riverbed which is full of plane trees and afterwards, a shot with a woman washing her hair in a basin-bowl. We see people of all ages in a lush green landscape as a truck arrives and unloads olives and we get back to views of the village.

The lens stands on a female donkey with her baby, a woman chases the baby to pet it and a man with two very loaded donkeys crosses the street. The filmmaker shows us two women who smile at him and hang bed covers and then focuses on the fabrics. The women continue their wander in the village and meet a man with a donkey, an elderly man, a family with a baby. We see shots from the village’s building structure as the women continue their walk and their meeting with a man who wears the traditional costume of Crete.

The lens follows the Cretan who first sits with a group of men and then shows a woman some dance steps. The two women from the previous shot look curiously into his costume and then he shows them the dance steps as well. The Cretan gets in a crowded car and they leave. Shots of a woman with a headscarf posing and views of the area with the lens capturing intense smoke follow. The group picks figs and afterwards they all pose and smile together at the filmmaker as they eat fruits.

The film closes with a group of men on a small truck’s trailer and an elderly woman who wears black clothes.


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Chatzidakis Georgios




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