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We are on the ferryboat Phaistos which approaches the port of Souda, the largest natural port in Crete.

The film opens with footage from the ship’s deck. We see people watching the view as well as a panoramic shot of the entire coastline with the White Mountains or Madares mountain range standing out in the background. The passengers have come out on the decks and are gazing around while we can also see the boarding/disembarking ladder that is attached to the ship's side.

The filmmaker shows us the ship’s funnels and two women smiling at him while watching the ship as it enters the port. A rowing boat approaches to take the ropes for the mooring process. We see views from the port with a lot of people who wait there, buses and cars of that era and we get back to the women who talk to a man. A panoramic view of the port follow, the lens focuses on a group of men talking having with them a traditionally dressed Cretan.

The camera stands on a man who is walking with a woman who wears a headscarf and afterwards, she gets on the ship while next to her we see cars that are being loaded with the help of a crane on the ship's parking lot which is full.

The film closes with the ship's waving flag (of the Konstantinos Efthimiadis Lines), the people who board on the ship as well as the many cars that are there.



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Chatzidakis Georgios




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