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We are in Malia, a town and seat of the homonymous community of the Municipality of Hersonissos in the Regional Unit of Heraklion. It is located on the old National Road Heraklion-Agios Nikolaos and is 35 km away from the city of Heraklion.

The film opens with a chariot from the carnival with a makeshift ballistic missile that is labeled “Cruise”. Afterwards, a chariot with a large white dove on the hood of a car passes. As the chariot goes away, we see crowds of people around as well as on the balconies of the houses with a sign that says "PANSION SOFOKLES” standing out.

The camera shows us the opposite direction of the road with a bus of that era passing by, a road sign informing us that on the left is Malia beach, a smaller sign saying "Sun Beach Apartments and tavern-bar" and one more just below that says "Groceries Z. M. MARIETOU“.

People have gathered outside a tavern and we can see the wine barrel on the left, a little further on the right tables that are set up offering wine as well as a bench with a carnival figure behind it. Two elderly people are sitting at a table while women in traditional costumes and men have started dancing. People in costumes enjoy their drink while talking and the camera stands in two masqueraders a young man talking to an elderly man who has a cigarette in his mouth and a microphone in his hand.

The view changes with a donkey that is dressed up for the occasion passing in front of the church of St. Dimitrios while masqueraders, who have the same pattern painted in their faces, dance as they invite the people who sit down to join them. The filmmaker gets back to the footage from the carnival with the chariots as well as the Carnival King and stands for a while in “gaitanaki” a form of a Greek folk circle dance with ribbons. One of the chariots says "EOK made in USA” as it is followed by an improvised boat, children dressed in masquerades and a chariot that says “THE KIOSK LUST".

The camera stands on the banner "Carnival in Malia Sunday 20-3-83". A short shot with people who have come out on the balconies and watch the carnival procession and gets back to the Carnival King and the gaitanaki dance.

The film closes with a representation of a couple's wedding ceremony as well as a horse-carriage with a very frightened horse.



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Argyrakis Giorgis




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Super 8mm