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The filmmaker’s tour in the Old Town of Chania, Crete.

We see shots of buildings in a narrow alley, a parked tricycle and then an elderly man in his traditional costume and his cane (named katsouna), in front of a kiosk full of magazines, talks to the passengers of a white car. The walk continues in the narrow, alleys in the Topana area, where we can see the mixed architecture of the periods of Venetian rule, Ottoman rule and Jewish influence.

In a panoramic shot, we manage to see the bell tower of the Metropolis of Chania, the Trimartiri Cathedral, which is dedicated to the Presentation of Virgin Mary and the Three Hierarchs, the holy patrons of education and culture.

In this panoramic shot, but also in the following shots in the alleys, the filmmaker gives us views of the distruction from the Second World War, which today have been embellished a lot, whereas they have not been changed by the urban planning. We see the alleys of the Chania’s Old Town around the Venetian port, an area of ​​high commercial activity.

Next we are in the crossroads of Psaromilingon and Kantanoleon streets, where a woman heads towards the camera, smiling and saying something. At the end of the film, three women meet happily in front of a ruined building.


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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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