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The film begins with an inscription on a papyrus that is placed on a blue silk cloth, which bears the logo of the Scout Corps and says ”Establishment of the 2nd Scout Group of Palaio Faliro 1962". The Air Scouts are part of the Scout movement with a particular focus on an aviation program. They follow the same basic program as the other Scouts, but devote a certain amount of time focusing on their aviation activities.

A young Scout greets the Aerial Scout banner which is posted on a mast. We are in front of the Holy Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (or Panagitsa) in Palaio Faliro. In the temple’s courtyard the preparations for the event are made, we see a small table with handkerchiefs and hats that will be given later, while Scouts and a crowd of people start to gather.

Officials and old members of Scouting arrive, the priests of the church approach, the little Scouts gather, line up and the blessing of the Holy water is performed. Afterwards, the banner with the emblems of the Scouts and the Air Force is handed over and its rising takes place. The giving of hats and handkerchiefs follows as well as the welcome to the members of the newly established System, who greet with the typical Greeting of Scouting.

Among the spectators of the event are the relatives of the Air Scouts of the 2nd Group, older Scouts, the church’s priests and younger Scouts that are lined up. After a small Scouting ritual, everyone is watching the speech, possibly members of the Greek Scouting. A young scout shows a miniature of a warplane and follows a demonstration of its flight. We see miniatures of other aircraft on the ground.

Lastly, a general view of the area and the gathered people as well as the submission of the Scout banners.



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Bakelas Vyron

HD (1440x1080)



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