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We are in Lykovrysi, one of the two municipal units of the Municipality of Lykovrysi-Pefki, in Attica, Greece and specifically in the Monastery of Santa Irini Chrysovalantou.

The film opens with a panoramic shot of the area. The monastery’s imposing walls stand out, since externally they look like walls from a Venetian fortress. The lens captures a road in a lush landscape with a white car parked on the side and a man who comes towards the lens. Afterwards, it shows us a sign without being clear what it is written and a car that comes out of an alley.

The camera gives us shots of the monastery’s walls and its entrance, ending up with two signs that read "It is prohibited to the pilgrims to eat meat inside the holy monastery" and “The Monastery remains open from sundawn to sunset, after sunset the pilgrims will not be accepted". We see views from the monastery’s courtyard and a sign informing us that smoking is prohibited in the area.

Two women are about to enter the chapel that houses the miraculous icon of Agia Irini and "communicates" with the rest of the space while there are two more signs nailed to the tree with the monastery’s rules.

The filmmaker is inside the church. He shows us its interior space as well as the pilgrims who light up a candle. The view changes with people coming out from the monastery. The lens stands for a while on an old man and then on a woman who walks in a land-farm and points out something to the camera.

The film closes with the white car departing and the lens focusing on a wooden carriage.

*The monastery was founded and developed in the years after the Greek civil war. It is a beautiful nunnery that covers an area of ​​50 acres. The monastery follows the old Calendar, the so-called Julian, which differs by 13 days (earlier) from the Gregorian that is used today in the Western World.



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Chatzidakis Georgios

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