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Leaving the village of Kaloudiana in the prefecture of Chania, in Crete and its large bridge, a road sign informs us that we are 8 km away from our destination, the village of Topolia.

A sign, that we have arrived in the village, is the upper part of the bell tower of the church of the Annunciation of Virgin Mary. We see a house on the road, a car that stops outside, the passengers who get off, the welcoming with hugs and kisses from the hosts.

A bit of rest in the shady courtyard and a shot again from the street, where other guests are welcomed, an old woman, who wears black clothes, is standing on the house’s railings with obvious emotion. On the village’s street, we see some police officers, an old man who is dressed traditionally, the daily chat and in the background the mountain volumes that form the gorge where the village is located.

Back to the house, to the flower garden, the old woman talks to a girl, who immediately after that has breakfast; a boiled egg. We see a shot of the elderly woman who walks down the street, meets a family with a baby and she gives her wish to it, stands and talks to another woman as a donkey rider, three lambs and a girl cross the street.

We see a shot of a beautiful dog in the trailer of a tricycle, among other things to be transported. A couple of riders of two donkeys pass outside the filmmaker's house and greet them. The grandmother says goodbye to the tricycle that leaves and she gets back to the courtyard to cook food for the guests who come back.


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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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