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We are in Eretria, a coastal town of Euboea, southeast of Chalkida, in Greece.

The film opens with the hotel’s parking lot where the filmmaker and his company are. We see the hotel’s exterior and the beach that is right in front of it. There are a lot of people near a concrete pier, some of them swim, some of them sunbathe and others stand on the pier enjoying the sun.

The filmmaker shows us the movement on the beach, a friend who jokes in front of the lens and we watch a colorful beach ball. We are moved to the hotel’s cafeteria where the group of friends enjoys its coffee and again we see shots from the beach, a boat with four men; one of them paddles.

Afterwards, the group of friends sits in a restaurant in order to enjoy their meal while the children stroll by the sea or play. We get back on the beach with, obviously, less people, a woman sails on an inflatable toy boat.

Change of the point of view and we see shots from the port. On the ferry boat, an Austin and Simca car board on while several ferry boats are waiting. The Greek flag is waving and we see the landscape as the ferry boat takes a turn to exit the port with a few boats around as well as the men of the group who joke and enjoy the view. The lens shows us views from inside the ferry. The route, the filmmaker’s company, the other passengers as well as the boat "POLYXENI" that passes right next to the opposite destination.

The film closes with the arrival of the ferry boat at the port of Oropos and the disembarkation of people and cars.


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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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