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We are in Kalamata, the capital of the Prefecture of Messinia and port of southern mainland Greece.

The film opens with the imposing stone wall and the large stone stairs of the Castle of Kalamata, where an old man and three women stand. The shot changes and we see a younger man, a boy and the four people from the first shot at the tourist kiosk (cafe) of Kalamata’s Castle also known as "the best balcony of Kalamata" since it overlooks the whole city.

One of the three women seems to be showing something with her hand while the filmmaker gives us a panoramic shot of the whole city. Back to the two women; one of them looks at the view and the other one at the lens smiling while the filmmaker continues with a close up shot to the young man.

Then we see a stone path full of green plants on both sides as a woman heads towards the camera.

Afterwards, the lens shows us the exterior of the nuns’ cells of the monastery of Saints Constantine and Helen as two nuns talk to each other. It is a monastery of women that was founded in 1796. Shots with the monastery’s building complex and the courtyard of the cells follow while the nuns do their daily activities.

The view changes and we see a beach with lush vegetation and people swimming. Then the filmmaker gives us shots from the beach’s platform with people who have fun throwing their friends in the water and people who swim and enjoy the sun.

The film closes with the old man and the two women going inside a restaurant-cafe that is located right in front of the beach.


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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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