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We are in Paros, the third largest island of the Cyclades island group, in Greece.

The film opens with a general shot of the port of Paros while the filmmaker is at sea. We see the town’s building structure and the port of Chora or Parikia, a large number of people who wait for their loved ones on the port’s pier as well as the church of Saint Nikolaos of Thalassitis in the background. Shots with people moving around, the windmill that still exists today in the port but also buses and cars of that era, follow.

Afterwards, we see some blooming red flowers and a man who walks towards the windmill and the church of Santa Anna that is right next to it. The man comes out of the church’s path and we see a small port as well as the windmill in the background. The man stands for a while and watches two fishermen who gather their fishing nets and then walks in the town’s alleys while the island’s architecture is shown.

We see a quick shot with three schoolgirls who wear the blue school uniform of that era, walking. The man enters the church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani, one of the most important well-preserved oldest Christian monuments that are located in Greece and in fact the largest in size. The view changes and we see a girl who sits on the front door’s staircase painting as the white color dominates the exterior of the houses.

The man is in a blooming garden with an older man and then we see him wandering in the alleys. A short shot with him talking to someone on the coastal road and back to the windmill of Parikia and the port where the ferry boat ELLI docks as many people disembark.

The film closes with the sunset reflected in the waters of Paros


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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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