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We are in Chalkida (or Chalkis), the capital of the island of Euboea or Evia, which extends to one part of Evia and the other to Central Greece.

On the mainland, that of the Boeotian coast, the filmmaker visits the Ottoman castle of Karabamba on Fourka hill.

At the first shot, a woman stands in front of an arch overlooking the Evian Gulf. The filmmaker’s company wanders around the stone-made fortress on different levels.

We see a shot in the belfry, which has been built in the place where the fortress’s alarm bell was located. The Greek flag is waving on the mast next to it. We see a panoramic shot of part of the castle, the eastern bastion and a close-up shot to a 19th century Russian cannon. Over the walls, Chalkida and Evoikos gulf are visible.

The filmmaker’s company is photographed in various areas of the fortress with the city of Chalkida and the Mount Messapio or Ktypas, as a background. Two women walk in the precinct alongside to the castle’s low walls, on the ramparts with the semicircular arches that are in a row, in which battlements are visible.

We see a shot at the emblematic hotel Lucy of Chalkida, on the city’s island side. A panoramic view of the beach of Chalkida reveals elements of coastal urban construction and the city’s southern outskirts. We see a general shot of the castle walls’ exterior, one of its gates, visitors who arrive or depart and across the island of Chalkida, we can see the church of Saint Nektarios.

Finally, the filmmaker's company rests in a patisserie with a wonderful view.


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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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