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We are in the archeological site of Delphi, which was the most important oracle of ancient Greece and is located at the foot of Mount Parnassus in the central Greece.

The film opens with a shot of the remaining columns of the ancient temple of Apollo of the Doric order, made in the 4th century BC.

The temple of Apollo was the most important site of the area and was located in a central position, it also included the sanctuary where the high priestess Pythia gave oracles to the pilgrims.

Behind an almond tree, the camera shows us the visitors of the archeological site as they go down the temple. Shots from the votive offerings, that exist in the temple’s wider area follow.

Afterwards, we are at the Sacred Way, the path that leads from the entrance of the temple of Apollo to the altar of the Chians and we observe an ionic order column that was part of a votive offering. The camera approaches the capital.

Then, the filmmaker's company heads to the exit of the archeological site. We see the parked tourist buses on the main road. A young man poses in front of the ruins and talks to a security guard. We see a short distant shot from the nearby sanctuary of Athena Pronaea and finally we are transported to the canteen of the archeological site with the Delphic landscape as a background.


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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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