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We are in the Lassithi Plateau of the homonymous prefecture in Crete, which is consisted of a large plain arable land, dozens of peaks of the surrounding mountains of Lassithi, small fertile valleys, mountain passes and several smaller plateaus.

From the height of the Plateau with a panoramic shot of the plains but also of the volumes of the Lassithi mountains we can see the church of Saint Nektarios, the filmmaker’s parked white car and the shooting is completed with a view of the ridge of Dikti.

A road sign reveals that we are in the village of Tzermiades or Tzermiado, as the seat of the Municipality of the Plateau is called today. We see village’s picturesque alleys, residents that do their daily life routine, a man in uniform, an elderly Cretan with the area’s traditional costume and two windmills. Rich vegetation of fruit trees, a woman from the filmmaker's company looks and touches one of them, probably a pear tree while a young man does the same thing.

The view changes, we return to the Plateau that is full of abandoned windmills, as in the 50s and 60s the place was one of the first wind farms in Europe. There were about 10-13 thousand windmills, which pumped the groundwater, with which the residents irrigated their crops.

We see a ruined mill that was built at an ideal altitude for the best effect of the winds on the operation of the mills. Then, we see panoramic shots from the gorges up to the edge of Hersonissos and the Gulf of Malia. The filmmaker takes some commemorative shots of his family on a mountain top with the Cretan Sea and the sky as a background.


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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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