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The filmmaker and his company are in Chalandri Square (also known as Agios Nikolaos square) and specifically on Vassileos Georgiou street.

At the beginning of the film, we see a municipal employee who looks after the marble stairs of the square in front of the sidewalk’s shops, which the filmmaker’s family visited as shown in the next shot, as we see them leaving the patisserie “Afendoulis".

The patisserie "Afentoulis" as well as the "cafe of Kanaris”, which can be seen right next to it, were historical shops of Chalandri and were open for many years. The first was known for its desert Ekmek (a bread pudding, usually served with cream), Kaymak (a creamy dairy food similar to clotted cream) and baked rice pudding and the second shop was a famous meeting place for coffee, political debates and backgammon. The number of seats and tables on the sidewalk shows to the multitude of people who these shops served.

Afterwards, the cleaner takes the cart with the necessary tools and continues on his way. An interesting view of the background is the marble fountain which has been used for a long time to cool passing animals such as horses, mules, etc. The fountain was reconstructed in 1929 and its form remains the same to this day.

Lastly, the filmmaker and his company enjoy an arm in arm walk to the area before saying goodbye. Just before the film ends, we see a panoramic shot of the church of Saint Nikolaos that dominates the area.


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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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