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The filmmaker wanders in Crete on the route Topolia-Palaiochora in the region of Chania.

The first shot is from the small church of Prophet Elias, just outside of Strovles village.

Next, we arrive at the chapel of the Holy Spirit, under the provincial road Strovles - Palaiochora. The family enter the church and the filmmaker captures unique images from the interior. Marvelous paintings on the left and right of the templon doorway and the cross at the top.

A woman prays to the icons and stands in front of the hagiography of the Virgin Mary with Christ in her arms, we see a close-up shot to the icon of Pentecost, that is, the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles. The woman with a lighted candle burns a coal and some incense in front of the icon.

Continuing down the road the family makes another stop and the woman drinks water from a spring that flows between stones.

A sign that says “Radar Moustakos”, tells us that we are in Moustakos, in the local community of Chania’s Vothiana, where an Air Force radar was located.

A girl sits in a chair, under a grapevine, in a yard and the traditional wood-fired oven is burning in the background. A man in front of a pile of firewood and huge braids with dried onions. A woman at the fountain washes and gives a pear to a young man who eats it.

A general view of a small waterfall between the rich flora, a close-up shot to the crystal clear waters and again a general view with the waterfall.



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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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