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A middle-aged man walks on the beach of Korfalonas, ​​in the prefecture of Chania, Crete while he is followed by an old woman who is dressed in traditional black clothes.

As we see the woman walking, we can see in the background parts of the large coastline which starts from Kissamos and ends in the Rodopos peninsula, the waters of Kissamos Bay but also the hills and mountains that surround it.

The two of them arrive at a handmade hut, made of reeds and wood, the old woman leans on a supporting stick of the uncommon construction and the middle-aged man enters it, probably, to put on his swimsuit.

The old woman is holding a beach towel while a young man enters the shot’s frame and talks to her as well as a middle-aged woman.

In the next shot, the old woman sits on the sand of the beach and the other woman of the company along with the middle-aged man walk in the sea.

Next follow shots of the beach with the family enjoying a walk or swimming.

We watch two men playing with a ball in the sea. A view from the interior of the hut and as the sun sets we see a man walking by the sea and an old factory in the background.

Then we see a woman who heads to the bank of the Tyflos River and talks to a man who is on the opposite bank and has brought his animals to drink water.

The Tyflos River comes from the Mount Dikaios and flows into the bay of Kissamos passing through the Gorge of Topolia, on the western side of the prefecture of Chania. We watch a shot of the riverbed and the quiet flow of the river. Ridges of hills and mountain masses of western Crete are visible in the background.

A man waves at the camera as he walks from the hut.


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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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