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We are in Ouranoupoli, a coastal village in the prefecture of Chalkidiki in Macedonia, Greece.

Ouranoupolis is the gateway to Mount Athos, which is unofficially characterized as an "Autonomous Monastic State", as the peninsula is home to twenty monasteries, twelve hermitages and many ascetic corners.

A panoramic view reveals part of the settlement, the beach on the Gulf of Mount Athos as well as the Tower of Ouranoupolis, a Byzantine building dating from the 14th century. Afterwards, we see a jetty and in front of the Tower, boats from which the visitors disembark, products suppliers, monks and ascetics of the Mount Athos peninsula.

The lens follows an elderly monk. At the small pier there are boats and passenger small ships. A general view of the isolated, tall and built in the sand Tower which is a complex with the small fortified precinct and an old shipyard. The Tower now belongs to the Ministry of Culture and a museum operates on its premises as well as exhibitions.

We see moments from the daily life of the village, a carriage with horses, a sign of the motel "O ATHOS" of M. Rigas, monks who move in the streets and the camera returns to the recording-observation of the Tower from different angles. A boat sails away of the coast.

The last shots are from the road to Ierissos as we leave Ouranoupolis, where we see the island Ammouliani.



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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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