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We are at 115 Alexandras Avenue where the filmmaker from his balcony gives us shots of the snow that has covered the roofs of the cars and the street’s barriers. Buses and cars move smoothly as the traffic has not stopped.

The lens captures the building that-then-housed the 5th Police Department, (today it is used by the Panathinaikos sports team association) and a car dealership that it also works as a vehicle repair workshop. A couple crosses the Avenue and the film closes with close-ups shots of the snow lying on the leaves of the flowers.

The opening of Alexandra Avenue was made in 1876 - 1878 by the Engineer Ioannis Genisarlis and in 1891, it was named in honor of Princess Alexandra, the wife of Duke Paul of Russia, who died in the birth of her son Demetrius at the age of 21.

Averof prison was built at 121 Alexandra Avenue in 1896, which it initially housed juvenile offenders, but from 1916 onwards all convicts, regardless of age and crime, were imprisoned. In 1944 part of the prison was blown up by the events of December. In 1972, the prisons were demolished and in their place the courthouse of the Supreme Court was built.

Also, on Alexandra Avenue 165-169, refugee residences were built to cover the housing needs of the refugees who were living in the settlements’ barracks of Petralona and Pedion tou Areos.

Lastly, on the Avenue is the stadium of the sports team Panathinaikos which in 1924 was handed over to the team. The construction began in 1922 with conflicts on the part of the refugees since in the stadium’s construction, they saw their own dream of housing being lost.


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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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Super 8mm