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Prespes is a mountainous lake area at an altitude of about 850 meters, with the distinguishing feature the existence of two lakes: the Great Prespa which is divided between Greece, North Macedonia and Albania, and the Little Prespa which belongs mainly to Greece.

We are on the sandy beach of Koula, an accessible bank of Great Prespa. We see swimmers who enjoy the beautiful day, an inflatable boat approaches the shore and a man heads to a boat.

The filmmaker and his friends walk in the cobbled alleys of the village of Psarades, the only settlement on the banks of the Great Prespa. We see stone houses and others of traditional architecture. The group of friends walk around the village among old houses and ruins, while in a yard we see an old woman with a baby in her arms. A girl from the group approaches to see up close the stone-built, traditional oven of the adjoining house.

The walk continues, a beautiful girl greets the filmmaker. We see a close up and a zoom out shot of a donkey with a bell.

The group of friends walk along the rocky shoreline of Great Prespa. Nearby, in the island that stands out, is geographically the tri-national border point. We see a panoramic view as well as the mountains of Albania and its coastal settlements in the background. The panoramic view stops on a cliff where the deepest point of the Lake, Roti, is located. A boat is fishing at this point.

We see a panoramic view of the bay of Psarades and afterwards the friends walk around the rocky area. We see a general shot of a traditional boat, a typical wooden structure of the fishermen of the lake with oars and a machine, a man and a woman on it return from fishing. The man greets the filmmaker.

The group of friends has reached the central square of Psarades. They joke around, play with a dog, have fun like children as they pose for the camera outside the building of the Primary School of the village.

Lastly, two young men swim and play on the beach of Koula while on the beach a girl and a boy watch them.


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Petridis Giannis

HD (1440x1080)



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Super 8mm