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We are in the Monastery of Hosios Loukas (Saint Luke) in Steiri, Boeotia, on the slopes of Elikonas.

The film opens with the filmmaker’s company and other visitors who walk on the cobblestone paths that lead to the monastery. The lens takes us to the courtyard of the "katholikon"* church where we can see the altar, the exterior decoration of the building and the vaulted pillar that leads to the interior of the monastery with the monks' cells as a background.

The filmmaker follows the visitors inside the "katholikon" and just after that, he watches the mosaics on the walls and roofs. The church is today a World Heritage Monument of UNESCO

Afterwards, we follow the group of friends as they walk under the stone arches that support the church, to pass in front of the stone fountain and to end up in the monastery’s courtyard where it houses a small tourist complex. Then we watch a panoramic view with the ridge of Elikonas as a background.

The film closes with the group of friends heading to the parking lot and as they depart, we see shots of the flowering almond trees, the defensive tower where the bell tower is housed, the "katholikon" and the snow-capped peaks of Elikonas.

*[katholikon in the Eastern Orthodox Church refers to the major church building (temple) of a monastery corresponding to a conventual church in Western Christianity.]



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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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