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We are in the springs of Krya in Livadeia, the capital of Boeotia since antiquity.

The filmmaker with his company enjoy moments of relaxation in Xenia Hotel and with his lens, wanders in the area with the lush vegetation and the stone that adorns the churches, the houses, the bridges and the paths under the old bare plane trees, where the visitors take a walk.

The film opens with shots from the church of Panagia (Virgin Mary) Eleousa, goes down to the stone bridge (probably of Turkish origin), stands in the crystal clear waters of the Herkyna River as well as in the cars that go down the narrow snake road and records moments from the daily life of the locals and the walking of the passers-by.

The lens captures the rustic two-story houses and moves to the tower where part of it stands on the ancient oracle of Trophonius in honor of the Olympian god Zeus and wanders in the votive nitches and the cavernous entrances of the oracle.

Trophonius who, when the oracle of Delphi asked him what he wanted as a reward, answered "the best for man" and the oracle replied that on the third day his wish would come true. Three days later, he was found dead. The oracle believed that the best thing for man is death, that the best is found beyond life and death.

Afterwards, we watch shots from the church of Saints Anargyroi and the lens wanders in the beautiful landscape of the area.


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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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