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Epiphany is a Christian feast day that celebrates the The Baptism of Christ and is celebrated on January 6. One of the main ceremonies of the Epiphany is considered the immersion of the Cross in seas, rivers, lakes. This ritual gives the water the power to cleanse and sanitize, it also has the meaning of purification of people.

We are on the coastal road of Volos, a city in Thessaly in Greece, where we see a small parade of Christian organizations and priests with banners with Christian symbols. This is followed by a procession led by the bishop of Demitrias Damaskinos and the official city authorities, a large number of believers attend the ceremony.

The shots have been taken from a high balcony of the hotel "Kypseli" and we can clearly see the people gathered on the beach, but also the boats with the "divers". These are men who wait for the dive of the Cross, so that they can dive to retrieve it, as according to the custom, whoever succeeds is considered to be blessed.

Arriving at a designated point on the beach, the bishop boards on a boat which sails a little further away from the shore and at the end of the doxology, he throws the Cross into the sea. The divers follow.

The ceremony is over, people are slowly scattering. We watch a shot of the Pagasitic Gulf, a sailing boat and a speedboat.

The lens returns to the beach, the filmmaker’s young son approaches the camera.





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Apostoleris Konstantinos

HD (1440x1080)



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The summer encouraged a large crowd to attend the Great Blessing of Waters Ceremony at the Beach of Volos. The recording of the film is from the balcony of the Hotel KYPSELI and everything is visible. The Metropolitan bishop of Demitrias Damaskinos, with a large number of priests and officials, takes the Cross to the Beach, boards on a ship, goes in front of the waterfront and throws the Cross. Believers dive. The Cross is tied with a ribbon so that it will not be lost. An inflatable boat sails around in the background.

At the end, a walk to Volos Beach. The old Station of the Volos Urban KTEL (main intercity public transport bus service in Greece) at the Port Authority is visible in the background.

Even nowadays the Great Blessing of Waters Ceremony on the Beach of Volos is the same and is attended by many people.
Apostoleris Konstantinos