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The film opens with shots from the foothills of Mount Hymettus, perhaps from the area of ​​Spata, Gerakas, Glyka Nera or Paiania.

The lens follows a member of the filmmaker’s family as he picks a bunch of grapes from a vineyard and then a cart full of baskets of grapes that as it goes to the press, it passes through fields with olive trees and the carpentry of the Dimos brothers, giving us a view of the area as it was that era.

The filmmaker’s family continues by car to the Monastery of Saint John the Kynigos (Hunter) or the Monastery of the Philosophers which is located on a wooded plateau on the northern ridge of Hymettus. We see shots from the main pillar of the monastery with the heavy wooden entrance and then from the main entrance of the church with the bell tower and the relief decoration.

Afterwards, we see shots that are taken from the courtyard of the monastery with the stone-built cells of the monks and the southern facade of the sanctuary where the lens passes through the second entrance of the church, the octagonal dome, the portico in front of the narthex and the marble colonnade with the curses for the trespassers of the monastery's vineyards, in front of the stoa.

The film closes with shots from the courtyard where the filmmaker’s family talk to women who take care of the monastery. Lastly, we see a shot of the group boarding on the parked vehicle.


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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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