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Mikrolimano, formerly Turkolimano, is included in the wider district of Kastella of the Piraeus Peninsula, in the prefecture of Attica in Greece.

First shot of the film is the port. We see ships that are moored, banners with the slogan "Yes to the Constitution", which is a junta advertising message for an upcoming referendum, during which the electorate was asked to vote "Yes" or "No" to the ratification of a draft Constitution. These banners place the film in August or September 1968.

Then, we descend Zanni Street which leads to Pasalimani and we end up at Votsalakia Beach which is the border between Pasalimani and Mikrolimano while in the background we can see Alexandra Square and a little further down the Metaxa Hospital. Across the Votsalakia beach is the rocky islet of Koumoundourou as well as a few sailing boats and speedboats in the calm sea.

From Navarchou Votsi Street we descend to Mikrolimano, where the filmmaker and his friends, after the walk, sit in a beach restaurant. Another one of the propaganda flags of the dictatorial government with the proposal of "Yes" in the referendum and a panoramic shot of the amphitheatrically built Kastella on the homonymous hill.

Looking again at Pasalimani we see the dome of the Byzantine style church of Panagia Myrtidiotissa with another panoramic shot of the hill. In the last short shot, we see a rare image of the ruined Theater of Neo Faliro (theatre of the Greek Electric Railways), built according to the plans of Ernst Ziller and which was demolished a little later, in December 1968.


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Chatzidakis Georgios

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