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Orchomenos is a town in the prefecture of Boeotia in Central Greece.

The beginning of the film shows us the portico of the old male monastery of Virgin Mary (Panagia) Skripou, a church of the 9th century which is the most important monument from the churches of the so-called “transitional type”, that is the transition from the Old Christian domed basilica to the cross-in-square church of the Middle Byzantine period in Greece. The filmmaker's friend approaches to admire the stone-built bell tower of the church.

Then we are at the vaulted entrance of the temple where we see a written inscription which is integrated inside the arch of the holy church. We see a shot of a stone column with a carved deer.

A general view of the church’s façade gives us the opportunity to observe its stone structure, the marble cornices that separate the surfaces of the church, the arches of the windows and doors as well as the imposing dome.

Just after that, we see a series of tanks, obviously for fish farming and a man who picks up a few trout with a fish net.

In the area, very close to Virgin Mary Skripou, are important archeological sites and finds such as the tomb of Minyas, the ancient Theater as well as the ancient Odeion.

Lastly, we see two donkeys graze in the low vegetation, a yard with chickens and turkeys and the visitors who leave by car.


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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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