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The filmmaker has boarded on the ship "Naxos" of the Naxos Shipping Company, which is sailing from Piraeus to Syros, a Greek island in the Cyclades, in the Aegean Sea.

The camera records the departure of the ship with the sailors towing the thick ropes. In the background, we see Piraeus as well as the dome of the church of Saint Nikolaos that stands out. We see shots from the adjacent moored ships (Omiros, Candia of the ANEK lines etc.), a flying dolphin that enters the port as well as cranes and boats of various sizes in the background. Shots from the ship's deck, a lifeboat, a funnel and a panoramic view of the deck.

The ship departs from the port, in which a small boat enters at speed. The last shot is the lighthouse and so the journey begins.

The filmmaker's father enters and sits in the lounge of the ship, as we see shots from other people who sit in nearby seats, such as a woman who is embroidering and a man who is sleeping. The ship's officers check the tickets. The passengers make themselves comfortable, sleep, read a newspaper, others talk and a man takes coffee from the bar.

We see small churches on rocks and hills and the capital of Syros, Ermoupolis appears. On the hill of Dili dominates the church of the Resurrection and as we approach the port, we can see on the hill that is across, the Catholic cathedral of Saint George, Metropolis of the Catholics of the island. As the ship passes the Vaporia area with the magnificent mansions, in the east of the city we can see the dome and the two bell towers of the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas.

Arriving at the port we have, with a panoramic view, the bell tower of the Holy Church of the Assumption of the Virgin and we see the amphitheatrical location of the city between the two hills. On the waterfront, we see passers-by, cars, shops and a closer view of the churches that surround the city on its hills. The filmmaker and his friends disembark as other passengers continue their journey to the following destinations. We see traffic in the port and the Greek flag of the ship in the foreground.


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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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