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We watch travelers as they board the ship "Heraklion" in the port of Piraeus. In the film, the ship "Phaistos" (of Efthymiadis interests) also appears.
A few months later, in December 1966, the "Phaistos" sailed from Souda, Crete and a few hours later, the ship "Heraklion" sank near Falkonera, but due to a fault in the radio, “Phaistos" never received the SOS signal.

The lens stands on the port facilities, we see the open waiting rooms, a loudspeaker and the filmmaker’s friend in a wonderful yellow dress of that era. The group of friends is talking, the Greek flag on the ship is waving and a man from the group of friends is watching the traffic in the port with the port’s warehouse in Gate 2 as a background.

We see shots from the deck of the ship as the tugboat “Almadores 2” approaches the ship but eventually a larger tugboat undertakes the job to steer the ship safely out of port. The ship sails and black smoke comes out from its funnel. The filmmaker takes shots of the building structure of Piraeus that is wrapped in the black veil of smoke

The ship moves slowly out of the port following the tug boat and passes next to a Latvia ship with the hammer and sickle sign on its funnel. The film ends with views of the three identical ships "Adonis", "Afroditi" and "Eros" which were given by Italy as a war compensation.


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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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