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Phaistos was a city of Minoan Crete. Today it is a municipality in south central Crete and is located about 62 km south of Heraklio. It is the second largest palace after Knossos, as it occupies an area of ​​18 acres.

We see footage from a car, a road sign pointing in the direction of Moires and Phaistos and a small church, all alone in the meadow.

We enter a village (perhaps Moires) where we fall into a flea market: customers, passers-by, motorbikes, cars.

The road trip continues on the verdant island, a dusty road sign, we can only see the arrow that points to Ag. Trinity and we realize that we are in the Municipality of Phaistos, as Ag. Triada is a village over there, which is also a place of archeological finds.

The filmmaker’s girlfriend moves between the ruins of the archeological site with a panorama of the valley of Messara.

A panoramic view of the ancient palaces’ buildings that, contrary to Knossos, have not been restored, a surviving stairway and lastly the filmmaker’s girlfriend in front of a closed door, at some part of the building.


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Athanasoglou Nikolaos

HD (1440x1080)



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Super 8mm