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Dun Troddan is a type of a fortress, an iron-age broch that was used as a defensive structure or as a symbol of power or perhaps as a residence in the Highlands region of Scotland.

Dun Troddan is one of the best-preserved brochs in Scotland and -like other similar buildings- is a landmark of historical significance.

In the footage we see openings-doors, chambers and stairs that give you access to the lower floor levels, while we understand that the building was extended to a great height. It is built out of stone.

Then we see a pier that ends up in the sea, boats moored nearby and the movie closes with a view of a sunset in between the mountains.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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Super 8mm

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Further down the coast, at Glenelg, we find some curious ancient ruins. These circular buildings, called brochs, served the local population as strong places of refuge and defence against invaders from the sea some 1400 years ago.

But now the weather has turned rough and it is time to say farewell to the Western Highlands and turn for home
Bonar, Andrew Graham