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On July 24, 1974, the Government of "National Unity" under Konstantinos G. Karamanlis was sworn in, immediately after the fall of the Colonel's Military Dictatorship.

The film begins with footage from television, where we watch the government taking the oath. Konstantinos Karamanlis appears first and then we watch General Faidon Gizikis, who was appointed President of the Republic by the Junta and remained in office until the first months of the restoration of the Republic. Then we watch Xenophon Zolotas taking the oath.
We then see the front page of the newspaper "Vradyni" that announces "Karamanlis Government", then follow night shots from a street of Athens and then morning images from Syntagma Square, outside the hotel "Grande Bretagne", where we watch gathered people and newspaper headlines.

Then we are transferred to Herodou Attikou Street in the camp of the Presidential Guard, where the emblem of the junta, (with the phoenix and the soldier) stands on the facade. In the next shot, the emblem has been removed, signaling the transition to democracy.

Then we watch footage from the television which take us a few months later, to the parties' election campaigns for the November 1974 elections. We are watching Elias Iliou (United Left), a speech by Mikis Theodorakis, a large gathering of PA.SO.K with Andreas Papandreou on the balcony and Georgios Mavros (Union of the Center-New Forces).





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Athanasoglou Nikolaos

HD (1440x1080)



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I just managed and filmed the emblem of April 21st regime, next to the entrance of the Presidential Guard camp in Herodes Atticus street. Hours later, the Guard had no longer the emblem next to him.
Athanasoglou Nikolaos