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We are in Parnassos, a mountain in Central Greece that stretches across the prefectures of Boeotia, Phthiotis and Phocis.

The film opens with a man and two women in the middle of a road. The man and one of the women get into a car of that era which is parked on the side of the road and drive away. We see the second woman running down the road as the filmmaker shows us shots of the group again, focusing on the man who tries to cut down a plant. In the end, he manages to cut two large branches and offers them to the two women. They in turn hug him while he turns and greets the camera.

The view changes with shots from the Parnassos ski resort, with a man helping a woman with skis and poles to move forward. The lens stays on the couple while we also see other skiers. Afterwards, the filmmaker captures a woman and a child walking down the stairs, the child looks at him smiling. He stands for a while on the child who plays with the snow and then shows us a general shot of the ski resort with the people who are there. We see some of them skiing and others who are trying to.

The film closes with the group of friends getting out of the car and heading to the ski resort.


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Kirimlidis Dimitris




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In the Fterolakka area of ​​Parnassos, where today the modern ski center operates, the French of Pechiney had installed, back in 1968, a simplistic air lift powered by a car engine. They built it for their own use but allowed third parties to use it for free. Then, the access was only from Amfikleia, Dadi as the locals called it, through a poor quality dirt road.

Back then, skiing enthusiasts were a few, they love it very much and they all knew each other. Later, the Athens ski club in Gerontovrachos was built on a private initiative and then Kelaria by Greek National Tourism Organisation, when Karamanlis returned from France and said the well-known phrase "I'll turn it into Chamonix-Mont-Blanc". Finally, the Parnassos ski center was extended to Fterolakka.
Kirimlidis Dimitris