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We are in Nikea, a large municipality, near Piraeus. The former “Nikea High School for male students” was located in the school premises which are at “Kyprou” and “Samsountos” streets of the municipality. There, today, (2023) the same premises are used by the “1st Junior High School “, “1st General Senior High School”, “1st Evening Junior High School”, and “1st Evening Senior High School” of Nikea.

The film begins with the classroom blackboard on which the cameraman has written the title " April 1968 -- Class ST2 " (12th grade).

The filmmaker focuses on the teacher. As the frame widens, we can see the room full of students, sitting at the desks, and the teacher addressing them. The camera focuses on a young man who is sitting next to him while it is showing the others too, who are sitting at desks and taking part in the conversation. On various shots, we can perceive the "unusually cheerful" mood which pervades the classroom.

The film ends with a pupil mimicking, in a humorous manner. And his classmates are watching, laughing and making humorous gestures!



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Bardis Nikolaos




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The film consists of two parts. The first one was shot in the classroom during the lesson. I shot the second one at the schoolyard during the break between lessons. Both parts were shot on the same day.

First Part
The film is being shot during the lesson with the teacher being unaware! In other words, the filming is done… SECRETLY! However, my classmates are fully aware and are… my “partners in crime”!

To shoot the film, I have selected not only the day but also the afternoon shift. These afternoon hours, it was certain that the sun rays would reach the classroom through the westside windows.
So, I managed to accommodate filming in a classroom which would be as bright as possible! But I also achieved something else!!! I gave my classmates the opportunity, on the pretext of the annoying sunlight, to move away from the desks sitting next to the windows.

Two of my classmates are sitting at the front desk, right in front of the teacher’s desk, as close to each other as possible, following my instructions. I am sitting at the second desk so, in a way, I am hiding behind their shoulders. I am holding the camera and shooting between their heads.

In this way, I am shooting some of the frames.
My classmates are now sitting at the desks which are further away both from the teacher and me, and they are intentionally noisy. That’s what I had instructed them to do. In this way, they distracted the teacher’s attention away from the camera, making my role easier. My role as a camera man was difficult anyway, but another reason made it even more difficult! I was shooting, looking with the one eye, through the viewfinder of the camera and the other one closed. I had no visual perception of the surrounding space.

And afterwards, at the end of the filming… what a thrill… the joy… but also the fear of a potential punishment by the school, proportionate to the audacity and risk of my endeavor.

Second Part
In the second part of the film, I have shot frames during the break where we can see, among other students, George Seferoglou, my dear friend and classmate who later became a doctor, mimicking two of our teachers. And we were all enjoying it… we were all laughing…

The projection of the film took place at my house, on various occasions, several times. Most of my classmates have watched this film!!

Laughter…. laughter… lots of laughter!!!
Bardis Nikolaos