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We are at the former Greek-Yugoslavian borders, at the greater Florina area.

The film starts with two young men approaching the camera. Behind them, one can see a crowd of other young men getting off a coach. We can see a watch post with the sign “Koula Military Outpost” and a soldier standing in front of it. A panoramic shot of the area follows on which a military truck passes by. After it’s gone, we can see in the background the serene waters of the lake Prespa. This is followed by a frame with a group of young men smiling and having a quick snack.

Then, we can see one of the young men standing in front of a watch post, pretending he is a soldier, saluting with the one hand and holding the gun with the other one. After that, we can see a panoramic shot with the landscape stretching in front of the camera.
There are shots of the group who are listening carefully to the military officer guiding them, and then a shot of a young man who is gazing with the binoculars the horizon.

After that, as the group has departed, we can see from inside the coach, a frame of the Ptolemaida steam power plant.

The film ends with the coach parked at the recreational area, and four of the young men stroll holding each other’s shoulders. Behind them, we can make out the sign of a store: “ SERENITY – RESTAURANT -BAR”. On the last shot, the cameraman focuses on a coach passing by, thus indicating the return of the team from the military outposts to their base, in Florina.



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Bardis Nikolaos




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It is Christmas time. We are visiting the “Koula” in Prespes and “ Nike” in Florina, military outposts at the border, with my fellow students. We set out from Athens and settled in Florina for our trips. We had a great… carefree time!

All I would like to point out is that on this trip, I acted not only as a camera man but also as an… actor! I starred mainly as… a “soldier on duty who salutes”, “ the young observer looking through the binoculars” and “ the coach driver trying to park the vehicle in the recreational area”!!

We had a really great time!
Bardis Nikolaos