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We are in the "Attiki" station of the Electric Railway ("Ilektrikos"), in Athens. The film begins with the employees working on the rail tracks close to the station.

The filmmaker records the maintenance work which is being carried out while in the background we can see a train coming from Pireaus.

The camera focuses on the head technician, who lights a cigarette, supervises the work progress while walking, and then does his own share of the work.

After that, the head technician and a worker, come close to the camera walking along the rails while in the background we can see the depot.

Right after that, we can see the team continuing maintenance work on the wooden beams that support the rail track. The film ends with the platform of the station, the train coming from Piraeus while a worker continues the maintenance work.



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Bardis Nikolaos




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This short film is dedicated to the head technician, Spyros, my father. In the fοοtage, he appears to be working with his colleagues and friends on the maintenance of the “electric railway” tracks.

Spyros worked as a technician for the “electric railway" from circa 1950 to 1975, that is, for about 25 years. In the film, he wears his usual clothes and smokes while working… or works... while smoking!

A characteristic gesture of his, when he pulled up his trousers... that were slipping downwards... because of his loosened belt...! That’s how I remember him!
Bardis Nikolaos