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We are in Thessaloniki, the largest city in Macedonia in area and population.

The film opens with the coastal Nikis Avenue and a man walking while in the background we see the city’s buildings. The camera stands on the White Tower and then on a kiosk that is right in front of it and has a sign advertising the newspaper "Vradyni". Three men enter the shot and the camera follows them, focusing on one of the three who speaks smiling.

Afterwards, the filmmaker, from the top of the White Tower, shows us the OTE tower as well as part of the city and gets back to the three men who are smoking and talking. A short shot of one reading a newspaper follows.

The film closes with a general shot of the city with the entire coastline and the road.


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Bardis Nikolaos




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In April 1971, my two first cousins, Yiannis and Panayiotis, my brother, Yiannis, my father Spyros and I, set out from Athens with our family car to Belgrade. The incentive for our journey was the football match between Panathinaikos and Red Star Belgrade (Athenian and Belgrade football teams respectively).

On our way, we stopped at Thessaloniki, leaving Spyros there as we had planned, because the authorities would not allow him to enter the back then communist Yugoslavia.

On our way back from Belgrade, we visited Thessaloniki. There, in the area around the White Tower, we spent carefree and relaxation moments.

Then, we met Spyros and we all began our journey back home, to Athens. Thessaloniki is one the most beautiful cities of our Macedonia!
Bardis Nikolaos