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We are in Oiti (or Oeta), a mountain in Central Greece that occupies part of the prefectures of Phthiotis and Phocis.

The film opens with the banner of EPEAN (COMPANY OF INTELLECTUAL AND SCIENTIFIC DEVELOPMENT) and the titles refering to the Scouts of Vironas, having as a background, a poster depicting a scout camp with a bonfire in the centre.

A train approaches the railway station of Athens and there’s a lot of people around as well as the scout group. The scouts prepare their luggage and board. Afterwards, we see them in the train’s cabin singing, having fun and talking, and we also see short shots of the route's scenery. The lens shows us a Volkswagen van of that era with the team standing on the back and greeting the lens.

The view changes with a panoramic shot of the whole national park of Oiti which has been proclaimed as one of the most beautiful in Greece, with lush verdant firs that belong to the species of Kefalonian fir, as well as a stone shelter that exists there. The group takes out their equipment and then has lunch. The filmmaker shows us the scouts in various activities and afterwards, they go in the cave Katavothra. At night, we see them having fun around a fire and one of the group holding a trumpet.

The film closes with the group leaving the shelter with their luggage and waiting at the station for the train to get back home.



Film Information

Merdenisianos Konstantinos S. (Mersanos)




Duration (seconds)

Super 8mm