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We are on the southern slopes of Parnassus and at an altitude of 1850 m, which extends the ski center of Gerondovrahos of Athens Ski Club, the first ski resort to operate on Parnassus.

The film opens with an orange station wagon and a man who puts his ski gear on the trunk, recorded from a height. The view changes with the date that is engraved in the snow 6-1-74.

The film continues with the mountains of Parnassus and the road with the snowy landscape in the background. A sign informs us that the Gerontovrachos Ski Center, which is the facility of the Athens Ski Club, is on the right and we continue with shots from the road through the Mercedes as it’s moving.

As the shot gets wider, we see the snowy landscape and with a camera’s zoom in the piste and the people skiing. The camera shows us the wooden chalet which operates as a coffee house and a restaurant as well as a crowd that is gathered next to it.

We see shots from the parking lot with the truck of the Athens Ski Club while the woman with the ski poles and the ski gear on her shoulder appears and says something to the filmmaker.

We are moved to the ski’s parking lot with parked cars, people coming and going and the lens stands on a woman. The woman smiles at the lens and the camera shows us the landscape and the people who are there with their equipment. With a panoramic shot, we see the whole snowy area with the sea of ​​the Corinthian gulf standing out in the background that ends up in a red truck with the logo of the Athens Ski Club.

Crowds of people gathered, some dressed in the ski uniform and others a little more formally. Groups of friends talk here and there while others skiing. We see a shot with a man fixing something on the ski lift while someone else waits for his turn. The woman and the filmmaker's friends sit next to the chalet drinking a beverage.

The lens shows us the landscape and focuses on two flags, the Greek and the flag of the Athens ski club. People ski and the filmmaker follows the path of a man in a blue suit. Afterwards, he focuses on a woman who walks with the ski poles and gets back to the man who ski as people talk here and there.

The film closes with people who come and go from the ski rental shop and the parking lot.


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Vernicos A. Nicolas




Duration (seconds)

Super 8mm