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We are in the Isthmus of Corinth, it is a narrow strip of land that connects Central Greece with the Peloponnese and the canal, that has been opened in it. It connects the Saronic Gulf with the Gulf of Corinth. It is about 6 kilometers long and the narrowest point is where the Corinth Canal was built.

The film opens with the newspaper informing us that it is Saturday, August 12, 1978. We see a man at the helm of a speedboat at sea and the Corinth Canal in front of us.

With a zoom in shot, we watch the boats and the bridge of the Isthmus. A man is standing on the bow and we can see the speedboat that is ahead of us better, since we are close enough. The lens stands on an old man who wears a navy hat with a cigarette in his mouth and as the shot gets wider, we see the captain next to him.

The view changes with a woman sitting on the stern behind the captain and the filmmaker shows us views from the canal. Gulls fly in the air and the lens focuses on three women who stand on the bow talking. We see shots from the bridge with cars crossing it and we get back to the women. A young man takes pictures with his camera and we see the deck of the boat with a man sitting in front and enjoying the view. The filmmaker stands on the bridge of the Isthmus and with close-up shots, he shows us its construction. The camera returns to the captain and his friends.

The woman in the foreground points to something in the lens and then sits with her friend and enjoy their journey smiling at him while with a close-up shot, we can see a tug boat loaded with a truck right behind them. We see the movement of the ships, a small boat passes right next to a yacht, another one moves away, a third approaches the ship where the filmmaker is with the woman getting on it.

The film closes with a man who is in a boat’s room writing something and one more man jumping from the ship on the one that’s leaving.


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Vernicos A. Nicolas




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Super 8mm