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We are in Mytikas, a seaside village on the west side of the prefecture of Aetoloakarnania which took its name from the way it is built on a land edge in the Ionian Sea.

The filmmaker from the balcony of his hotel records the road of the hotel and the high mountain of the nearby island of Kalamos. We see roofs of the traditional buildings and a small part of the sea. On the beach, a man attends to his boat, while the filmmaker's companion poses for the camera.

In a garden, under an arbor, someone skewers a lamb. We get back to the beach, two men caulk their boat, while a small chicken wanders around. We see a general view of the north side of the beach and the peninsula, that is located on the coastal, provincial road of Vonitsa-Kandila.

People walk around in the streets of the village, workers, passers-by, consumers. Chickens and a proud rooster snack on whatever a woman throws at them, next to a parked car on the beach. A Road sign with the name of the village is visible.

We see shots from the beach, the surrounding mountain peaks and a lonely boat in the shallows of the creek.

Next, we are on the village’s beach, where the filmmaker and his friends are for a swim, they sit on the pebbles wearing their swimsuits, a man shows to the camera an impressive towel. The mountain volumes and the mountain peaks of the Akarnanika Mountains are visible in the background.

We see general, panoramic shots of the quiet beach and the mountains, the lush vegetation reaches to the sea and across it, like a forested mountain range of 20 square kilometers that sails in the Ionian Sea, is the island of Kalamos.

We see a sign of the Association for the Protection of the Natural Environment at the top of an iron door and the protected area that is fenced around. In the sky, an aircraft flies

The film closes with a few more shots of the coastline.


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Athanasoglou Nikolaos




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Super 8mm