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We are in Hydra, an island in the Saronic Gulf, in Greece. It is an extremely picturesque and cosmopolitan island.
The film opens with the seafront of the harbor. We see people coming and going, shops, the town’s building structure as well as the bell tower of the church of Assumption of Virgin Mary with the clock. The shots continue with the fishermen’s fishing nets being spread out on the dock. A woman poses for the camera pointing to the fishing nets and the camera focuses on the work of the fishermen.

The filmmaker shows us life on the port. Two women in swimsuits sit on a terrace, a painter paints the port with the fishing boats, a man stands admiring the view next to a building with a sign “LAGOUDERA”. People who are around, women sunbathe and the camera shows the building that housed “Lagoudera” from a different angle. A legendary bar in the 60's with endless parties that made Hydra famous all over the world.

A ship enters the port and the lens shows us Mount Eros. The view changes with shots from the alleys. Tourists wander around in souvenir shops, the filmmaker focuses on a woman and then on the T-shirt she shows him with the phrase "Greece for lovers". A man in a swimsuit is in the port. A woman explores the alleys showing something to the filmmaker and then poses with the sunset as a background.

The film closes with a panoramic shot of the entire town and port from above as the sun sets.


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Athanasoglou Nikolaos




Duration (seconds)

Super 8mm