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In 1975, a year after the fall of the seven-year dictatorship, the Communist Youth of Greece (Greek acronym:KNE), youth of the Communist Party of Greece, begins a Festival, a massive nationwide political and cultural event, which becomes an institution and continues up to this day.

We are in the Alsos Peristeriou in September 1977, where the four-day 3rd KNE Festival is held and in the foreground we see a series of panels with slogans, articles and photos that are dedicated to the demands and actions of the KNE, in a place called "Kiosk to meet the ΚΝΕ ».

Kiosks and panels with pictures and messages posted by similar organizations internationally, from countries such as Czechoslovakia, Hungary, the Soviet Union, Portugal, Chile-with a tribute to the poet Pablo Neruda and the former President of Chile, Marxist Salvador Allende. The panels of the other countries continue, we see the participation of Bulgaria, Vietnam, Palestine, etc.

We see sketches from a photo exhibition, the woodcut "The children of the asphalt" by the engraver Tassos (Alevizos) and paintings by other artists.

Giant posters with ideological messages, exhibitions with photos of the fighters as well as with covers of the newspaper Rizospastis, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of Greece. We see a close-up shot Nikos Belogiannis photo, a Greek fighter of the National Resistance against the German Occupation.

More close-up shots of a photo of Vladimir Lenin, a Russian communist and revolutionary, Aris Velouchiotis, a Greek fighter of the National Resistance and then banners, photos of the United Panhellenic Youth Organization (greek acronym: EPON), which acted against the Nazis and their allies.

We see the statue of a guerrilla and evidence of struggles, even from inside prisons.

A series of slogans of the KNE, front pages and articles of the "Odigitis", KNE’s newspaper and a close-up to the photographs of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and Vladimir Lenin, founders and representatives of the communist ideology.

Afterwards, we see on the stage the composer Christos Leontis, as he is the conductor of the orchestra, while from Agios Ierotheos Street a crowd of people comes to the Festival.

Just after that, we see the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Greece, Charilaos Florakis, during his speech.

In the artistic program, we will see the composer Giannis Markopoulos while conducting his orchestra, the singer Nikos Xylouris sitting on the edge of the stage, waiting for his turn to sing as red flags are waving from the spectators.

The singers, who follow on the stage, are: Vassilis Papakonstantinou, Maria Dimitriadi, Antonis Kalogiannis, while the program includes speeches by representatives of foreign countries. The great Greek composer Manos Loizos performs playing his guitar. Consequently, George Merantzas, Maria Farantouri and lastly Dimitris Mitropanos also sing.





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Papadimos Dimitrios




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Super 8mm