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We are in Mithymna (also called Molyvos,) a large traditional settlement of Lesvos, 62 km northwest of Mytilene, in Greece.

The film opens with the settlement that is visible from afar and with a filmmaker’s zoom in, we see the town’s building structure a little better with the castle of Mithymna, which is built on the remains of the ancient fortification at the top of the hill, standing out.

Afterwards, we see a country road, the lush landscape through a moving car as well as the castle in the background that dominates the view. A view of the coastal houses and one more close-up shot of the castle which in its current form is largely the work of the Genoese rulers with many later additions and repairs during Ottoman rule but also with modern repairs that are difficult to distinguish as they are made with the same materials.

We see views from the port and fishing boats that are moored. A woman with three children look at the fishermen's fishing nets and the camera shows us the sea’ s crystal clear waters as well as the sun that reflects on them. We get back to at the fishing boats and the filmmaker focuses on a fisherman who cleans up his fishing nets.

The woman with her kid walk alongside the waterfront and then, we see the whole family together. The children have sat in front of the house where Argyris Eftaliotis lived, in one of the most central parts of Molyvos, where the Municipal Gallery of Mithymna operates today and in the courtyard is the writer’s bust. A shot from the roofs of the houses and views through the village with the cobbled streets that are covered with arbors.

The film closes with the sunset that is reflected in the sea as a boat fishes in the background and the calm shore with pebbles.


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Papadimos Dimitrios




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Super 8mm